Hot Pavement & Grates

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of being aware of when the pavement or metal grates are hot. If you must take your pup out during the heat of the day here are some tips:

  • When getting out of the car, make sure the pups are the last ones out so they don’t have to stand around and wait for others to get out of the car.
  • Hurry across parking lots, or try to walk them in grass.
  • When you start walking to your car, make sure you have your keys in your hand, quickly unlock the door, and let them get in first before unlocking the other doors.
  • If you haven’t been practicing walking your pup over grates, do it early in the day before they get too hot.  Be sure the grate space is small so their feet won’t slip through.

If your pup does burn his feet, avoid any further contact with hot pavement, or take him home. Do Not leave your pup in the car. When you get home, check the pads to make sure they aren’t severely burned.  If you can’t see any signs of blistering, then no treatment is necessary.  If there is evidence of blistering or your pup appears to be in pain when walking, you should contact your vet.  On that same note, do not let your pup walk over any grates during the summer, unless the grates are cool.  Signs to be aware of that your pup’s feet may be burning are agitation, whimpering, limping.

Always check the pavement, sidewalks, or grates with your hands for about 10 seconds if you are uncertain how hot they are.

  Heat Reminders to Keep Your Puppy Safe
  • If it's 90°F or above, try not to take your puppy out unless you have to.
  • You can go shopping, but just be aware that if the ground is too hot for you to rest your hand down for 10 to 15 seconds, it's too hot for their little tootsies. So walk quickly across parking lots, try to walk them in the shades of trees and vehicles, or try to walk them on grass if you can. If someone drives you, have them drop you off at the entrance and pick you up near the entrance. Otherwise, make sure after you park in a parking lot the pups are the last ones out of the car and the first ones in the car (put them into the car as quickly as possible, then put your items in the car.)
  • Your pup will let you know if his/her feet are burning by restlesses or aggitation, whining, limping, prancing intead of normal walking. If you suspect that your pup has burned his feet, immediately go home. Check the pads. If blisters appear, contact your vet.
  • Walk your pup in the early morning or later in the evening when it's cooler.
  • If you go on a drive with your pup, block or screen the window if the sun is beating down on him.
  • Take water and a bowl with you. Pups like ice, so you can feed them ice in a bowl...if you get a soda and you have ice left, offer it to them.
  • You can get a kid's little plastic swimming pool (the round ones), and fill it with water and put some bones in the bottom and let your pup play in that. A word of caution...for some reason, males love to pee in pools, so try to relieve your pup before doing this :) Make sure you rinse it out and turn it over when they're done. (This helps to prevent mosquitos from nesting in standing water.)
  • Avoid all grate or manhole covers or anything metal whereever you walk, for example nails in the wooden sidewalks in Old Sacramento. They're too hot for the pups to walk on unless it's early in the morning or later in the evening. If in doubt, put your hand on it and see if it’s hot.