Vacations With Your Puppy

Short Vacations: Planning to go away for the summer with your puppy? Let Janet know where you are going to be, and how to contact you. If your puppy decides to do a vanishing trick (which they can do!), there needs to be a way that we can contact you if they are found.

Long Stays (more than 3 weeks): If you are leaving for longer than 3 weeks you need to let Janet know where you are going, and you need to contact a puppy raising group in the area where you will be staying. The leader will need to do a home visit at the place where you will be if it is longer than 3 weeks. You are required to attend that club's outings, NO EXCEPTIONS!

In All Cases: Take Vet forms with you, if you need to use a vet and they refuse the forms, pay for the services, then submit the bill to Guide Dogs. Contact a leader first before going to a vet, unless it is an emergency.

Remember...your pup cannot travel on an airline without authorization from Guide Dogs and from our Puppy Raising Advisor. So contact us ASAP if you are planning to fly with your pup. There are certain procedures and paperwork that needs to be done if authorization to fly is given.

And as always, if you have any a leader!