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The Next Step...off to school to learn formal Guide work

Dogs are returned to San Rafael when they are around 14-18 months old. They are tested for physical and mental soundness and pass through eight phases of training. Different dogs take different amounts of time to complete the training. Each level teaches new skills and introduces new situations. A dog can be dropped from the program at any level for a multitude of reasons that would impair their ability to guide. These dogs are called Career Changes.

Puppy raisers put an amazing amount of time, dedication, and love into every puppy, and while every raiser knows the destiny of the puppy, it still requires great courage to hand over the dog that has been their life for the past year. Whether the dog graduates or is career changed the raiser did everything they could for the puppy.

Our recent graduates;  for others, visit the Archives
Dogs Currently in Formal Training


Recalled: January, 2018
Raisers: Megan & Barbara
Awaiting spay & training


Recalled: November 18, 2017
Raisers: Tasha, Hilary & Greg
Phase: 1


Recalled: August 13, 2017
Raiser: Sandra
Phase: 8



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